LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman with a history of domestic battery and attempted murder arrests is accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death. Court documents indicate the couple had a violent relationship and her boyfriend had received a protective order in July for her to stay away from him.

According to the arrest report for 46-year-old Danelle Mask, in the past five months, she had stabbed Jason Williams in the face and arms on two occasions and held scissors to his face in another incident prior to his killing.

Danelle Mask, 46, is accused of killing her boyfriend. (Credit: LVMPD)

The report stated Mask, who didn’t identify herself, called 911 around 4 p.m. on Sept. 2, 2023, to anonymously report Williams, 59, was unconscious on his front porch.

When police and paramedics arrived, they discovered Williams had been stabbed in the chest and blood was found on Mask’s hand and in Williams’ bedroom. When officers asked Mask “why Jason had a knife in his chest, she told detectives to charge her,” according to police documents.

Police learned Mask and Williams had dated for three years and had lived together with roommates at the home on Black Forest Drive, near Pennwood Avenue and Decatur Boulevard for half of that time. A relative of one of the roommates told police she overheard the two arguing in Williams’ bedroom around 2 p.m. and heard Mask say “[Expletive] I’m going to kill you” and Williams responded, “Do it [expletive].”

Mask told detectives she left the home after the argument and when she returned he was unconscious on the porch.

Court documents show Mask is facing charges of open murder with the use of a deadly weapon and still has an active domestic battery case from Aug. 31, 2023. Detectives said the couple had a history of domestic-related calls to the police with both being arrested several times. Court documents for Mask, show at least eight domestic battery arrests dating back to 2010 but most were either denied by the Clark County District Attorney or dismissed for various reasons.

She is currently being held in the Clark County Detention Center due to make her initial appearance in Las Vegas Justice Court on Wednesday, Sept. 6.