LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Recent violent incidents on CCSD campuses have community organizations ready to step in and help.

The Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada has resources available that leaders have said are crucial to the mental health of our youth.

“If their behavior has become disruptive, increased in the level of severity and frequency, reach out for assistance,” said Alma Spears of the Boys and Girls Club.

Spears said that as mental health issues are growing across the valley, there are some red flags parents should keep an eye out for.

“The pandemic highlighted the need for it and we saw an increase in the severity of services that they are requiring, and an increase in kids being referred because of anger,” Spears said.

Although the problem is getting worse, Spears noted that help exists.

The Boys and Girls Club, with 13 locations in Las Vegas, offers assistance alongside mental health professionals for kids in grades first through 12th, even if you are uninsured.

“In Nevada, specifically there is a shortage of mental health practitioners that are willing to accept Medicaid, that is our biggest hurdle,” Spears continued.

As tension builds due to school, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the cost of living, Spears reminded families not to ignore the warning signs in children, because help is available.

Many times, Spears said, the first step begins with parents.

“If we approach them and say hey, I noticed that this is going on, we’re seeing it here, what are you seeing at home and how can we help,” she said. “It normally ends with a ‘Thank you, I did need help.'”

Spears also said that mental health services are available for students and their families, and if the organization can’t provide that helping hand, it will connect you with someone who can.