Las Vegas (KLAS)- The Nevada Northern Railway, a National Historic Landmark, is a little over a 3-hour drive northeast of Las Vegas. Away from the Southern Nevada heat, the attraction is in the city of Ely in White Pine County where the high temperatures are currently averaging in the high 70 degrees and the lows are in the mid-50s. Heavenly weather for those looking to escape the heat.

As part of its summer attraction, the historic railway has an incredible ride for astronomy buffs, couples, friends, and families looking for a quick day getaway.

The “Sunset, Stars and Champagne” summer experience will blast you back in history on a unique vintage train ride, pulled by an antique diesel locomotive that will take you to the perfect spot, with champagne in hand, you will gaze upon what is promised to be a breathtaking western sunset.  

Nevada Northern Railway Instagram

According to the railway’s website, White Pine County, located in Eastern Nevada, is a vast and wide-open space with minimal light pollution; thus, it gets some of the darkest skies in the lower 48 states. So, once the sun sets and away from the Ely city lights, passengers get a “spectacular view” of the stars, planets, and satellites above the skies. 

The “Sunset, Stars and Champagne” train rides on select Saturday and Thursday evenings; seating is limited, and they recommend making reservations ahead of time. 

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