LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas is getting closer and closer to welcoming the Raiders to their new home and many fans are eager for the team to arrive. There is one fan group that’s already making a difference in the community. They are called the Villanos Booster Club. 8 News Now’s Sally Jaramillo met with a few of them to find out what it means to be a Hispanic “Raider” fan in Las Vegas.

The club started about 3 months ago with only 15 members. Now they have more than 75. In this club you can find people from all over southern Nevada.

 “We’re a group of Raider Fans people that love the Raiders, live the Raiders, die with the Raiders,” said Edward Cerda — Owner of Chancla Cantina. “We have a lot of husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, little ones, too. It’s a whole big family.”

The tattoos, bald heads and gang affiliated fans you may have heard of is not what this group is about.

“We have a lot of bad reputation as Raider fans, and we want to show everybody that, you know, it’s family oriented and anyone is welcomed,” said Ezequiel RamirezLos Villanos Vice President.We’re just trying to change all that up. We’re family oriented that’s the most important thing.”

Their goal is not only to show an example to their children and the future Raider generations, but to be leaders too. That’s why their mission statement is to help the community in any capacity.

“I love giving back, I love what we do what we’re about,” said club member Amy Gonzalez. “To me, being a Latina in this club it really kind of gave me a sense of where I am and what’s going on in the world and how things are being perceived.

The Villanos Booster Club meets at Chanclas Cantina for every Raiders game. They also told us that “Vice” is doing a special documentary on them.