LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The Red Flag 22-3 exercise at Nellis Air Force Base is officially halfway through with more than 30 units from across the Department of Defense participating in the exercise.

The Air Force has shared aerial video footage of F-16 Fighting Falcons being flown during the exercise.

The Red Flag 22-3 exercise gives aircrews an opportunity to experience advanced and realistic combat-like situations in a controlled environment in order to better their ability to complete missions and return home safely. It also prepares maintenance personnel, ground controllers, and space and cyber operators to support these missions within the same tactical environment.

The exercise is taking place at the Nevada Test and Training Range, located north of Las Vegas. The range is the U.S. Air Force’s premier military training area, containing more than 12,000 square miles of airspace and 2.9 million acres of land.

The Red Flag 22-3 exercise is set to last until July 29 with a noise advisory being in place until then.