LAS VEGAS (KLAS) –– There was some llama drama in the northern part of Las Vegas valley Tuesday morning.

Two llamas, Hershey and Kisses, were spotted — on the run — near Elkhorn Road and Jones Boulevard around 6:45 a.m.

Victoria Hewlett was able to capture some cellphone video of Hershey and Kisses on their morning jaunt. It’s seen below.


“It’s not something that you don’t see everyday,” said Nikia Dyson, driving in the area when she saw the Llamas. “We initially thought it was a car accident, but as we approached the area where it was a standstill, we realized it was the actual llamas there. “

At one point on the video Dyson shot, the llamas could be seen stop to taking a little break on the medium, which made for even more of an interesting commute for drivers.

“To atcually see that on the way to school; everyone just got a ton of giggles out of it,” Dyson said.

Metro Police contacted Animal Control who helped retrieve the llamas.

“They were very calm. They were just in the middle of the road,” Dyson said.

The owners were cited for animals interfering with pedestrians.