LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas valley police agencies held a pedestrian safety event Tuesday that nearly took a disastrous turn.

A Clark County School District Police officer was dressed as a fairy and using a crosswalk on Boulder Highway to illustrate the dangers of crossing the busy street. Already this year, four pedestrians and one bicyclist have been killed and four others injured on Boulder Highway.

A woman, Tammy Wotton, was nearly struck by a semi-truck while using the crosswalk moments after finishing an interview with local television stations talking about how scary it is to cross that street.

The frightening incident happened just as Erin Breen with the Vulnerable Road Users Project was beginning her interview. Watch behind Breen as Wotton begins walking across the crosswalk.

(Video courtesy: KINC-TV)

The officer dressed as a “traffic fairy” safely escorted Wotton across the street.

Just a few weeks ago, a young man and baby in a stroller were hit in that same crosswalk and both suffered critical injuries.