VIDEO: Bakers create an entire gingerbread city

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GLIWICE, POLAND (CBS) — As far as recipes go, this one was simple – some dough, honey, spices, sugar, eggs and a bit of food colouring.

This “gingerbread city” required massive amounts of each ingredient: 1,100 kilos of dough, 105 kilos of honey, 32 kilos of spices, 350 eggs and 30 kilos of sugar.

It took three bakers in Poland four months to create this masterpiece and the result is now proudly on display.

Covering 80 square meters, this sweet treat was made to resemble a city, complete with houses, towers, two moving trains, and even a windmill. An impressive castle is made up of 3689 gingerbread bricks.

Rounding off the design of uniquely handcrafted elements are gingerbread people, animals, trees, along with a smiling Santa greeting kids waiting for presents.

Of course, filling the air is the wonderful aroma of ginger and cinnamon. This gingerbread wonderland is on display until February 28.

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