HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — An uptick in heartworm disease is raising concerns among local veterinarians. More than 70 cases have been reported in the Valley.

Dr. Jamie Augenstein has owned oasis animal hospital for about a year. Now, she’s sounding the alarm about a scary trend.

“The last count was 77 cases diagnosed in Clark County,” Augenstein said. “My understanding is that two of those cases never left the Valley, which means they’ve had to have contracted it here.”

Augenstein is talking about heartworm disease.

“Heartworms are literally worms that live in the heart and the pulmonary vessel,” Augenstein said. “All of the signs are going to be related to heart disease.”

She’s educating her customers about the importance of prevention.

“A single worm causes damage to the heart so anything is a problem,” Augenstein cautioned. “We know that there is an uptick in cases. We know that mosquitos are here and when they’re here, they’re here to stay.”

While there is a treatment for dogs, there isn’t one for cats. Augenstein hopes everyone will be more aware.

“We want to jump on this before it becomes a big issue.”

To test your pet for heartworm disease, you’ll need a blood test. Last year, Henderson was named one of the top ten cities with reported cases.