LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada has made some big changes to its vaccination playbook, clarifying priorities for vaccinating some people, while explaining that not everyone within an age group will be treated equally.

An important distinction comes in the two “lanes” to vaccination outlined in the playbook. There’s the “general population” lane, and there’s the “frontline/essential workforce” lane.

The playbook also provides a link where you can sign up for a notification when you are eligible for the vaccine: Nevada COVID19 Vaccine Interest Form. The survey will be shared with the jurisdiction where you live.

The playbook delves into the reasons some people will not be top priorities even when it’s their turn, if their birth date was the only thing that mattered. And it makes economic considerations a higher priority — clearly giving priority to people in jobs that must be done in person, while giving less priority to people in jobs that can be done remotely.

Frontline health care workers and people over 75 remain at the top of the list as Nevada works through its Tier program.

The playbook — version 3 with 11 pages, after a whopping 107 pages in version 2 — has been adjusted to “incorporate recent recommendations provided by the CDC and other adjustments meant to tailor the plan to Nevada’s unique needs.”

Among the changes: Education jobs move to a high priority, just under public safety and security staff. Prison inmates are considered part of the “general population” lane, and are no longer at the front of the line. Prison staff remain prioritized.

And medical conditions are taken into consideration. Cancer, chronic kidney disease, COPD and other conditions are among the factors that will give you a priority to be vaccinated.

One of the biggest factors in ranking priorities is the potential for exposure to the virus.

“Due to the limited supply, DHHS has prioritized how the vaccine will be distributed. Supply of the vaccine will increase substantially over the next few months. Those eligible to receive the vaccine will progress as supply increases,” the playbook says.

Nevada will use a variety of methods to ensure that all Nevadans who are interested in vaccination have access when it is their turn. That includes traditional media outlets, social media, health care provider offices, and community partners.