LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Businesses and vendors are excited to see the convention industry return to Las Vegas, so 8 News Now spoke with an economic expert to see how Southern Nevada is preparing.

“It’s a big part of our business,” business owner Jessica Marshall said of conventions and trade shows. 

Her flower shop, Miss Daisy, is one of many local spots getting ready for an uptick in demand. 

Jessica Marshall — Owner of Miss Daisy

“Ramping up my team and getting my wholesalers in place,” Marshall said. “For the type of business that is going to be coming through.”

Out of town vendors, such as TuffSkin of Southern California, are planning a return to the valley. 

“We have new marketing materials,” TuffSkin owner Katie Friedlander told 8 News Now. “We are coming up with more things to engage our clients.”

However, after months of closures, layoffs, and reduced capacity, is our city ready to handle hundreds of thousands of guests?

Courtesy: LVCVA

“Hopefully, this is sort of the pains of getting back up and running,” Applied Analysis Principal Analyst Jeremy Aguero said of what he expects in the coming months. 

Aguero believes the transition may be tough at first, but he said our economy’s economic rebound is nothing but good news.

“Is it going to be stressful, is one person is going to be asked to do more than one job, might the visitor experience be affected in some areas?” Aguero said of the coming months. “Yes, all those things are going to take place.”

In addition, those in the industry said they can’t wait for the excitement of future trade show demand. 

“The event industry was one of the hardest hit in Las Vegas,” Marshall said. “We just have to turn it back on.”

“We’re ready to rock and roll,” Friedlander concluded. 

World of Concrete is the first major convention slated for June 2021, while CES recently announced it will return to Las Vegas in January 2022.