Vehicle burglaries: How to keep your belongings safe

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You probably see it daily on apps like Ring and Nextdoor: a suspicious person looking for unlocked cars or tools stolen out of a truck. Whether you are at home, at the mall, store or work, you need to “take, lock and hide.”

Security consultant Tommy Burns explains exactly what that means. 

“Usually, with my experience, they check the cars doors to see if they are unlocked, and then they rifle the car. Rifle for change and things of that nature. If you leave something and they have a flashlight, it leaves an opportunity for them to break the window,” he said.

Tarus Nelson of Las Vegas recently had his car burglarized while he was sitting inside of it.

“Out of nowhere, this guy comes to my car while I’m inside the car,” Nelson recounted, “my car is tinted and [he] pulls out a gun, shoots my back window out.

Loretta Jones says her car was burglarized while parked right in front of her home. 

“My car was parked in the parking lot where I live. They came along in the middle of the night and decided to take the catalytic converter,” she said.

Items such as your purse, laptop or any valuable equipment, even items like car chargers and your garage opener, can tempt a thief.

Blankets and clothes are another set of items that shouldn’t be left in your car. Even if the thief doesn’t want those items, they may think you have something underneath them.

Burns says even if you follow all those steps, your vehicle may still fall victim, but reporting the issue is key.

“If you get video, give it to the police. Put it on your app. Whichever one you are on, post pictures if you see somebody roaming your neighborhood,” he urged. 

As for victims like Nelson, he says this recent incident really opened his eyes.

“It was a scary moment, and it woke me up because I never thought it would happen to me, Nelson said.

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