Vegas teacher’s goal to keep students healthy wins her tickets to the Super Bowl

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A local school teacher is Super Bowl bound, and it’s an all-expenses paid trip!  She won two tickets because of what she’s doing in the classroom to keep her students healthy.

Forbuss Elementary School Teacher Ada Feliciano has two tickets to the big game, and it’s all because of her efforts to keep those little moldable minds and bodies moving.

“Having Super Bowl tickets kind of makes you want to jump,” Feliciano said.

Through the program “Fuel Up To Play 60,” Feliciano has developed activities to get students physically active and eating healthier.

Fuel Up To Play 60 is a partnership between the NFL and the Dairy Council of Nevada.

Feliciano applied and was awarded more than $3,000 this past year. She said the money goes towards making a difference.

“I’d like to help students early on in primary school so that they are able to know that they are in control of what they do for themselves,” Feliciano said.

The students seem to be taking the program in full stride.

“It’s really fun because people get to dance and be active, even when they’re not working,” said Ayden Lara, a 4th-grade student. “We do warm ups, and we’re straight on to the dancing.”

Along with the Super Bowl tickets, the Dairy Council of Nevada gifted Feliciano with hotel accommodations as well.  It’s their way of saying ‘thank you.

“We need those feet on the ground, letting those students know that healthy eating and physical activity is so important, and so it’s important for us to reward the teachers,” said Jake Yarberry, nutrition manager for the Dairy Council of Nevada.

But for Feliciano, seeing the kids move their muscles is enough of an award. 

“It warms me to my heart,” Feliciano said. “It makes me emotional because I am doing what I love.”

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