Vegas homeowner, former bounty hunter confronts alleged porch pirate in the act

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Inside of a gated Centennial Hills community near the 215 and the US95, an SUV pulled up to a home Friday afternoon. 

It was all caught on security camera. The drivers exits the vehicle and walks up the driveway, with his hands in his pockets, wearing all black. Just seconds later, the security footage shows something different — that same man, running for his life.

Footage from the home’s Ring doorbell shows why. The man walks up to the door where an unattended package sits, he’s confronted by a man inside. “You trying to steal something?” asks the homeowner. “No!” The would-be package thief ran as the homeowner chased him outside.

On the other side of the camera was Alex Mazzola. He is not your average homeowner. “I am an ex-bounty hunter,” Mazzola explained casually. “I used to chase guys… I’ve arrested MS-13 guys.”

It was a surprise for the unsuspecting porch pirate. “He got pretty scared real fast,” Mazzola recalled.

The video shows as Mazzola chased the criminal on-foot. Then he realized, there was a second person waiting inside the car. “Once I saw the face I pulled the gun on him saying, ‘get out of the car,'” he said.

In the video it’s clear the porch pirate’s comrade didn’t listen. Instead, he kicked the SUV in reverse.

“The guy that II chased..he went on foot one way,” recalled Mazzola. “The truck went another way.”

As the commotion unfolded, Mazzola’s neighors had called 911. Police arrived, and Mazzola helped officers track the SUV down. Mazzola recorded video on his phone as police officers approach the vehicle, still in Mazzola’s neighborhood, with their guns drawn.

The SUV didn’t have people in it, but Mazzola said it had something else. “Metro checked the vehicle,” Mazzola explained. “The vehicle was stolen and there were other packages inside. It was stolen from Henderson.”

A little more than an hour later, Metro says its officers arrested 40-year-old Jarrod Moore and 33-year-old Ulisses Rebollar.

Court documents show the pairs charges, including attempted burglary and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Mazzola said, without the security footage, the situation may have ended differently. “Metro said, ‘We caught them because of your video.'”

The ex-bounty hunter might be out of the game, but he still knows how to hunt. He also knows that most people do not have his experience, and urges anyone targeted by porch pirates against doing what he did.

“Just call 911,” Mazzola stressed. “It’s a package you can always report it stolen. “Right now the way the world is you need cameras in your house. You need the Ring doorbell. All that stuff helps people.”

As for any other porch pirates thinking about targeting his neighborhood, Mazzola offers some final words.

“We got guns, we got cameras, you know. Don’t come to the Timberlakes. That’s the message I can tell you. You don’t wanna come rob in our neighborhood.”

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