LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Tuesday night’s big win was a reminder that from tragedy comes triumph. No one feels that more than Las Vegans who were impacted by the 1 October shooting.

The Vegas Golden Knights first played their home game just nine days after a mass shooting that took the lives of 58 people.

“It was a shock,” Olga Rippe, a resident said.

The Healing Garden in Las Vegas (KLAS)

A shock that Rippe didn’t know how to overcome, but the Golden Knights offered the city a sense of purpose.

“As a fan base they immediately flocked to the team and we have supported them ever since,” Rippe said.

Six years later, the Golden Knights brought up the Stanley Cup.

The win doesn’t erase the pain this city went through, but it’s a reminder of how far they have come.

A reminder that’s evident at The Healing Garden, as Rippe paid tribute to the lives that were lost.

“The Knights coming to town just to take our minds off the hurt we were in,” Rippe said.

But winning the Stanley Cup is a sign that after darkness there comes light.

“I would say to the Golden Knights, thank you, thank you for lifting up our hearts and giving us such hope,” Rippe said.

Because together, we are Vegas Strong.

The Healing Garden is located in the Arts District on Casino Center Blvd and Charleston.

It was built in three days by community members and businesses.

The garden has 58 trees as well as other flowers and mementos.

The garden is open to the public.