Narciso Urbano Morales is wanted by the U.S. Marshals.  

The 45-year-old violated federal probation for an underlying charge of possession with intent to deliver 24.2 kilos of marijuana, according to authorities. Records show Morales is a Texas Syndicate gang member, and has an extensive violent criminal history.

“I don’t think that Las Vegas is safe with him on the run.  He’s bound to commit another crime.  I know he’s addicted to drugs, methamphetamines, and who knows what he’s capable of doing when he’s under the influence of meth,” said the lead deputy marshal on the search for Morales.

The deputy marshal asked to not be identified due to the nature of his work. 

In 2015, Metro Police said Morales held a pregnant woman at knifepoint and also pointed the knife at her elderly mother. He later served a federal prison sentence for drug dealing in Texas, but then relocated to Las Vegas for his court supervision. 

“Since then, he’s been getting out of jail, violating his conditions of supervised release,” the deputy marshal told the I-Team.  He said Morales left a halfway house in October, and there is no sign of him at a previous downtown Las Vegas address or his sister’s former home in the Northeast valley.

Morales has a Facebook page, and posted in early December a message to family and friends that he would turn himself in. The deputy marshal said Morales also called his probation officer on Thanksgiving weekend saying he would turn himself in.  

Morales remains a fugitive.

If you have any information, you are urged to call (702) 388-6958.