LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— As temperatures continue to rise in southern Nevada, many families are taking advantage of the warmer weather by visiting their local parks.

Splash pads throughout North Las Vegas have been opened recently, ahead of the incoming triple-digit temperatures.

Craig Ranch Regional Park is among several other parks where families can enjoy the splash pads.

“My little ones like to get out here in the water and jump around, and feel free,” Says Martell Foster, a local who has come to Craig Ranch Park to enjoy the weather. But, with the rising heat, comes an increased need for hydration. “we come out with at least about four waters, and we have a water before we leave,” Foster continues.

Joshua Dasilva, another local who visited Craig Ranch Park says he drinks a gallon of water every day. “I drink lots of water a gallon every single day like I’m supposed to, and stay under the shade, really just taking a break.” All important measures to take, when playing in the excessive summer heat.