LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Several 8 News Now viewers reported seeing a string of lights lined up in the night sky Wednesday. From Pahrump to Centennial Hills, all the way to Southern California, social media was on fire, as people tried to guess what they were.

After doing some research, we discovered they are part of the SpaceX Starlink satellite constellation.

You can find a map of the chain here.

Space enthusiasts can find viewing times for Starlink over Las Vegas here, the next of which is 4:50 a.m. Thursday morning. The website shows the “bright” constellation made an appearance over Vegas at 8:55 p.m. Wednesday.

8 News Now spoke with Rick Detisch III, who shared about the moment he and his family spotted the lights:

“I was in the backyard with the family relaxing, and then we looked up into the night sky, and the lights appeared …. It was a big straight line, looked about an inch apart, maybe 20 or 30 lights … I don’t know what we know, but I know what I saw. I call tell you that.”

Check out different perspectives of the sight below!

Here’s the view from California: