LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada’s oldest state park, Valley of Fire, is almost completely open for business following damaging flash flooding earlier this month.

According to the park, about a week ago it received two and a half inches of rain over a seven-hour period. While this might not seem like much for many people not familiar with desert weather, that 2 and a half inches of rain accounted for almost half of the park’s annual rainfall.

The flash flooding left tricks, boulders, and other debris over most of the roads in the park including Mouse’s Tank Rd. which cuts through Aztec sandstone that is some of the most scenic areas in the state.

Photographs taken by park employees show the damage left by the flooding. But all of what’s shown in the pictures have been cleaned up.

Flooding happened around the entrance to the Mouse’s Tank hiking trail at Valley of Fire State Park. (Photo: Valley of Fire State Park)

One area that appears to have had its landscape changed is the hiking trail to Mouse’s Tank. In one photograph water can be seen up against the stairs used to transition between pavement and sand where the trail begins.

The White Domes Loop Trail has been repaired and is now open to the public. However, some other off-road hiking areas still being repaired remain closed. This includes the trail to Fire Wave. It is now scheduled to reopen for the fall on October first.