Valley family sells horse manure to teach porch pirates a smelly lesson

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A now viral video has inspired a Las Vegas family to teach porch pirates an especially smelly lesson.

“The closer it gets to Christmas the more packages start coming in,” Madeline Graitge said. “Friends, neighbors, have all been like hey, our packages got stolen this morning.”

Graitge’s family has horses, livestock, and she decided to put all that extra animal waste to good use. 

“It starts as a trickle and ends up as a flood,” Graitge added. “So I think you could catch somebody with this.”

Madelines’ stinky plan offers horse and sheep manure to have thieves hoofing it off anyone’s property. She came up with the idea after seeing a NASA engineer’s viral video rigging packages with glitter bombs and smelly spray. 

“If you steal people’s stuff and you steal manure it’s kind of what you have coming,” Graitge said. “Glitter is one thing and it never comes out, but with actual manure it’s a little bit worse than oh there’s glitter everywhere.”

Graitge believes the idea is one creative way to teach crooks stealing your stuff a lesson they’ll never forget. She will charge $1.00 for any small or medium amount of manure. 

“If you open up a box of that,” Graitge said. “You shouldn’t have taken the box.”

Any large container will cost two dollars.

She said if anyone buys five or more containers worth of manure they’ll offer a discounted price. 

The family has both horse and sheep manure available and are asking anyone to “BYOB,” or “bring your own box.”

If interested, contact Madeline through her Facebook page.

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