LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Teachers and parents are again expected to discuss the Clark County School District’s pending policy on COVID-19 vaccine mandates for teachers and staff, though the issue is not on Thursday night’s agenda.

The primary focus of the Board of Trustees meeting is health care issues for teachers. But the topic of vaccines is still top-of-mind for many.

Earlier this month, the board voted 5-1 to allow superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara to create mandatory vaccine rules for the district.

The decision sparked heated comments both before and after the vote, which continues today. Many who showed up to the school board meeting said teachers should decide for themselves whether or not to get the shots.

“I just feel it’s a person’s choice,” said Faiss Middle School teacher Nicole Hunt. “Especially something that’s not been around that long. I know felt comfortable taking it, but I shouldn’t speak for other people, that’s not fair.”

At last check, the mandate is still being negotiated between superintendent Jara and employee bargaining groups, such as the teacher’s union.

Meantime, the district is requiring unvaccinated employees to get tested for COVID every week, and all employees must perform a self-health assessment every day.