Utility companies to resume disconnections, but assistance is available

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the pandemic continues, bills are stacking up for thousands of Nevadans left unemployed. Next month, both the Las Vegas Valley Water District and NV Energy say disconnections will resume.

But, if you are behind on your utility bills, there is help.

For months, we have shared stories from people who are waiting for their unemployment benefits. Eric Ortiz filed months ago, and he is doing what he can to get by.

“Loan after loan honestly,” he said. “…Staying in my car was an option for me.”

Ortiz says many like him have bills stacking up. Now, the deadline for some utility payments is looming.

“Now facing utilities, having gone through everything else, already having to provide for your kids and even yourself, being in this situation, now, I can’t even imagine the thought of having a roof over my head and no utilities,” he said.

While NV Energy and the Las Vegas Valley Water District will resume disconnections next month, they want you to contact them if you have been impacted by COVID-19.

“Those customers who are behind on paying utility bills will always receive a 10-day and a 48-hour notice,” said Michelle Follette, vice president of customer operations for NV Energy.

However, the utility says it will send notices for disconnect only to customers who have not indicated hardships due to COVID-19.

It’s a deadline that would come sooner or later.

Thousands of people are still waiting for money from the State’s unemployment department. Follette says they are here to help those impacted by the virus financially.

“There is bill assistance available,” Follette explained. “What we would like to have happen is to have customers reach out to us. Call us early, call us often. We can find a fit for their situation.”

From payment plans to assistance, she says a shutoff is avoidable during this pandemic. For more information NV Energy’s payment and billing programs, click here.

“That is why it is really important we ensure customers we are available to help them. We have the programs. We have the services.”

For helpful information on similar programs for the Las Vegas Valley Water District, click here.

There are other organizations, like United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN), that are helping with bills, as well. For information, on how UWSN is helping, click here.

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