LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Problems persist with the United States Postal Service as the postmaster general is slowing down some deliveries and raising prices in an effort to balance the postal service budget.

Starting Friday, some mail from the USPS could take longer and cost more.

“We oppose those things that hurt services to the people,” Mark Dimondstein the president of the American Postal Workers Union said.

Dimondstein also added that slower standards and higher prices will drive away business.

However, USPS says the new time frame allows them to shift more of it’s delivery service away from air transportation to cheaper ground transportation.

“We don’t buy those arguments, we think there are ways to fix the system without moving the goal post,” he added.

The postal service claims the move will improve the efficiency of first-class mail delivery however, Virginia democratic senator Tim Kaine wants the agency to put customers first.

“We’re dealing with a system where people who have bills to pay are paying them and then they’re not getting there on time and it could affect their credit rating,” added Kaine.

He says his bill would increase delivery times and drive down costs.

Kaine calls the system broken and wants to see changes starting at the top.

“I believe the current postmaster general who was appointed by President Trump has played a key role in breaking it,” he said.

This all comes at a cost as 40% of first-class mail could take up to five days to arrive instead of up to three days.

Sending holiday cheer will be pricier as well with postage rates increasing up to $5 more per package until December 26.