US Coast Guard lieutenant accused of plotting terror attack had ties to Nevada

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A U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant is accused of plotting attacks on several prominent politicians and journalists. Lieutenant Christopher Hasson was arrested earlier this month in Maryland, where he now lives, but he also has Nevada ties.  

Investigators say Hasson who previously lived in Boulder City was planning to kill certain U.S. Senators and TV reporters.  

The Boulder City neighborhood he once called home in the mid-2000s seemed calm and quiet when an 8 News NOW crew visited it Wednesday.  There were even American flags — also known as signs of patriotic pride — that could be seen hanging from several homes.

People who live in the area were shocked to learn that an accused domestic terrorist once lived in their community.

“It’s scary,” said Rebecca Bell, Boulder City resident. “It’s scary that people want to do that nowadays. Today’s society is kind of scary, about wanting to kill people and shoot up schools and bomb people. It’s scary.”

Court records revealed Hasson lived in one Boulder City home in 2002 before moving to another in 2005.

Hasson faces gun and drug charges from his February 2019 bust in Maryland.  According to federal prosecutors, Hasson is a White Nationalist who spent hours online researching infamous bombers and mass shooters.

Court documents quote a draft email, where Hasson writes, “I am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth.”

Investigators also found a hit list on Hasson’s computer made up of several Democratic politicians, including Nancy Pelosi and Corey Booker, and left-leaning t-v personalities such as Chris Cuomo and Van Jones.

Some of the neighbors 8 News NOW spoke with remember seeing Hasson, but they also say they didn’t notice any red flags.

One man, who’s lived in the area for numerous decades said several members of the coast guard used to live in this neighborhood.

“The guys that lived over here — and they went through probably 10 or 12 different ones, were just first-class, dedicated, good people,” said Tony Jensen Boulder City resident.

With that said, Jensen said he also knows everyone does not show their true colors.

“It’s kind of frightening,” Jensen said.

8 News NOW also spoke with the man who currently lives at Hasson’s former Boulder City home and he said he was unaware of any issues with past tenants.

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