Arrest Report: Argument between squatters led to murder of man at east Las Vegas apartment complex

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An arrest report revealed that Oscar Reyes, 19, shot and killed 33-year-old Oscar Garcia at an east Las Vegas apartment complex after a confrontation involving squatters and another group in early December. Metro responded to the incident in the area of Washington Avenue and Pecos Road around 7 a.m. on Dec. 4 and found the victim suffering from gunshot wounds outside of an apartment in the patio area.

Police arrested two suspects in connection to the homicide: Reyes and Gerardo Aparicio, 35.

According to the report, the apartment where the incident occurred was vacant and had been taken over by squatters. Crime scene analysts and a coroner investigator observed visible gunshot wounds in Garcia’s torso and located three rifle cartridge casings near him in their preliminary investigation.

Police spoke with several individuals who were at the apartment before or during the shooting, one of whom told police Garcia was known as “Koo-Koo” on the streets due to a mental disorder.

The same individual told police that Garcia and two of the other transients squatting in the apartment, Leah Cole-Logan and Allen Cuenca, engaged in a confrontation over a machete. Aparicio, identified as Cole-Logan’s drug dealer in the report, was present during part of the confrontation. The argument eventually moved outside.

Those living in the apartment locked the door to prevent Garcia from coming back in. According to the report, he began smashing windows in the patio/front porch area, trying to get back in. One of the squatters told police a white car pulled in front of the apartment and three Hispanic males got out. He identified one of the men as Aparicio. After speaking with Garcia, Aparicio motioned to a passenger who had been in the back of the car, identified as Oscar Reyes or “Rascal”, to come over to the patio. According to the report, Aparicio said something unknown to Reyes, who then pulled out a long gun and shot Garcia three times.

On Dec. 7, police interviewed an inmate at the Clark County Detention Center who had information about the murder. The inmate had been arrested on charges unrelated to the incident. He told police he heard from people on the street the shooter was a young Hispanic male known as “Rascal”. He was also told Aparicio ordered Reyes to shoot Garcia, and according to the report, Reyes used Aparicio’s rifle. The firearm was later brought back to Aparicio’s residence on Perliter Avenue.

A woman was reportedly with Aparicio and Reyes at the time of the shooting. She was identified as Marilyn Nava-Chavez or “Hazel”. In mid-December, police obtained a search warrant for her phone records and found her device had connected to cellular towers near the area and time of the murder.

Police interviewed Nava-Chavez on Dec. 27 and learned she, Aparicio, Reyes and three others had planned on going to the Bonanza Lounge. According to the report, she told police Aparicio received a call from Cole-Logan about a disturbance at the apartment complex in question. Aparicio drove to the complex where he and the other men exited the car and approached the patio area of apartment No. 3. A verbal confrontation between Aparicio and Garcia ensued, and according to the report, Nava-Chavez said she heard three to five gunshots but was unaware of who fired. She said all the men ran back to the car, and they drove to Aparicio’s house.

On Dec. 27, police received information from a citizen that Aparicio was selling methamphetamine out of his house and had an AR-15. Authorities responded and interviewed the suspect. According to the report, Aparicio denied being in the area of the apartment complex, denied owning or using a rifle and denied knowing “Rascal”.

Police proceeded to conduct a knock and talk at Aparicio’s home and located Reyes. Reyes was interviewed by police and told them he was at Aparicio’s on Dec. 4 with Nava-Chavez, Jerome Jeter and Aparicio. They left the home and drove to the apartment complex. He told authorities Aparicio had a black M-4 style rifle in his lap while he rode in the right front passenger seat of the white vehicle. According to the report, Aparicio and Reyes got out of the car, and Aparicio motioned for Reyes to stay near the vehicle. He said Aparicio motioned to him to bring the rifle and asked one of the people standing outside of the apartment to leave.

Reyes told police he walked up to the apartment and shot the ground near Garcia’s feet. He said the gun fired three times, and Garcia fell to the ground screaming. He, Aparicio and Jeter ran back to the car and drove back to Aparicio’s home. According to the report, he said he did not know what happened to the firearm and that he fired because Aparicio “gave him a look.”

On Dec. 27. police also interviewed Jerome Jeter, who told police he was present during the shooting with Aparicio, Reyes and Nava-Chavez. He said he and Aparicio were at the apartment and Aparicio was speaking with Garcia on the front porch. Aparicio reportedly told Garcia to leave during the argument. He said several shots were fired, and Garcia fell. According to the report, Jeter was going to help the victim but Aparicio said to leave, and they drove back to Aparicio’s home. He said he’d seen Aparicio with a black rifle before and saw the gun taken back into the house after the shooting.

The report detailed how Jeter and Reyes rode their bicycles after the incident, and Reyes told him Garcia should not have been disrespectful.

Both Aparicio and Reyes have been charged with Open Murder and Conspire to Commit Murder. The suspects are being held without bail.

Their next court appearance is set for Tuesday, Dec. 31.

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