UPDATE: Police arrest 2 students in racially-motivated threat at Arbor View High School

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Two Arbor View High School students have been taken into custody in connection with a racially-motivated threat at the school, according to CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara.

The two students, who are 15 and 16-year-old males, were arrested by Clark County School Police. They are facing charges of making terrorist threats, consipiracy to commit terrorist threats, hate crime, cyber bullying and breach of peace.

School police have been working with Metro Police throughout the day to investigate the threat that was made against some Arbor View High School students.

The incident led to an increased police presence at the campus Tuesday while police investigate the racially-motivated social media threat.

There were several Instagram posts including this one which said:

“God just seeing these (racial slur for African-Americans) inferioates (sic) me. I just wanna go Columbine pt 2 just but only kill the (racial slur).”

CCSD Police Sgt. Bryan Zink said concerned parents who saw the threats contacted school police Monday night.

School principal Kevin McPartlin posted the following message to parents on Parentlink:

“Good morning.  This is Kevin McPartlin, the Principal at Arbor View High School. I’m contacting you today to inform you that we are aware of a social media account that includes racial comments and possible threatening messaging.  Student safety is our top priority.   We are working with  CCSD PD and Metropolitan Police Departments to identify the source and address this situation.  Please know that we do take these threats seriously and have additional measures and personnel in place at this time.  

If you or your student have an information regarding these posts or the source of the social media account, please do not hesitate to bring them to Arbor View Administration.

More communications will be forthcoming as this situation is processed.”

The school is located on Whispering Sands Drive near W. Grand Teton and N. Buffalo drives.

Madison Eckert was one of many people who reported the Instagram account to the Arbor View High’s principal.

“Posting — it’s one thing but saying something and speaking out — that its not ok — is something else,” Arbor View student Madison Eckert said.  “In one of the post it was a picture of my boyfriend and that obviously — that’s personal to me and that’s like scary to me.”

Adrian Armstrong is Madison’s boyfriend. He said even if the posts were done as a joke, it’s not a joke that has him laughing.

“It’s crazy that we still have to deal with stuff like this; thought this was long passed,” Adrian said.

The Instagram account has since been removed. 

According to Eckert, earlier in the school year, Arbor View dealt with another racist issue after students posted banners wanting to start a “white student’s union” in response to the “black student union.”

“I looked up one of the symbols that were on the poster and it was a Nazi symbol; it use to be a Nazi symbol,” Eckert said. “It was literally racist and I dont know; nothing was really done.”

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