LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We have learned more about what happened to a teen missing for over a month.

17-year-old Tamyah Trotter was reported missing on December 14. She was found in a sewer on Sunday. 22-year-old Jayshawn Bailey confessed to her killing.

That sewer is on Fred Brown Drive, where she lived. That’s near MLK & Lake Mead.

“Everybody in the neighborhood the whole community was trying to help find her just to find out she was right here the whole time,” said neighbor Adrian Fuller. “I didn’t even want to believe it. I didn’t want to believe it was her.

Friends and neighbors were stunned after finding out this missing teen was found in a sewer just steps from her home.

After feeling guilty, Bailey reported the body Sunday to police. Bailey says he ran into Trotter at a nearby McDonald’s last month. She told him she got kicked out of her parents’ house.

He said she could stay with him.

Bailey said Trotter got aggressive towards him after drinking wine, and he too was drinking and high. When Trotter pointed a taser at him, Bailey said he put in her in a headlock, and she collapsed.

“She was just a nice person she wouldn’t do anything to anybody,” Fuller said of Trotter.

“She was someone that was smart, educated, funny she had a lot going for herself,” neighbor Demontrey Wattree added.

Neighbor Demontrey Wattree says trotter took care of her younger siblings and had big dreams.

“Something like this you wouldn’t expect it to happen, but you got to keep your eyes open now because it’s your own neighbor that may go out there and do something to you,” Wattree said.

8 News Now spoke to Trotter’s family off camera, but they weren’t ready to speak about her death.

8 News Now also asked neighbors about Bailey, but we were told he kept to himself. As for his family, they had no comment.

Bailey is expected in court on Friday.