LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We previously reported the closure of the Tip Top Development Center, located at 9175 S Las Vegas Boulevard, after a visit from the Southern Nevada Health District.

We’ve since received a copy of the facility’s most recent health district inspection and the results are less than ideal. In total, the inspection lists 62 health violations. 

Below are some of the violations that stood out while reading the June 4 inspection:

  • Child care providers responsible for the administration of medication or treatments do not have specific, written instructions or training from the child’s parent or legal guardian. 
  • Medication is not in the original container and/or is not labeled prominently with the child’s first and last name. 
  • Medication does not have manufacturer’s instructions, prescription label, or physician note with specific, legible instructions for administration and storage. 
  • Child care providers are not washing their hands before or after activities as required.
  • Child care providers are not washing, assisting in washing, or supervising the washing of a child’s hands before or after activities as required.
  • In a child care center, diapering procedures are not clearly posted in writing, with diagrams, at each established diaper changing area. 
  • A two-step process for cleaning and sanitizing/disinfecting is not being followed.
  • Disposable gloves are not worn for each diaper change.
  • Toys, play equipment, and furnishings are not cleaned as required
  • Trash receptacle dirty and not maintained clean.
  • Highchairs are not maintained in good repair and easy to clean and sanitize/disinfect. 
  • Activity equipment including infant swings, bouncy seats, infant carriers, playpens, nap mats, cots, mattresses, cribs, beds, and floor mats is in disrepair or is not maintained in a safe and sanitary manner. 
  • Carpets, removable rugs, runners, or mats are visibly stained or soiled.
  • Electrical cords are not positioned and secured to reduce a potential hazard to children
  • Drinking water is not provided in a sanitary manner.
  •  Physical hazards such as disposable gloves, diapers, or plastic bags or any other item which may present hazards are accessible to children.
  • Equipment has sharp points, corners or edges; splinter; peeling or chipping paint; protruding nails or bolts; and loose or rusty parts.
  • Responsible person or child care provider not practicing strict standards of cleanliness, personal hygiene, and Standard Precautions.
  • Environmental surfaces, furnishings, mats, changing tables, pillows, cushions, linens, chairs, dress-up play clothes, or other items within the child care facility that are stained with blood or bodily fluids, soiled, infested with vermin; or are in an otherwise unsanitary condition.

The report mandated the daycare facility close its doors and pay fees for their violations. 

Parents weren’t happy to learn about the reason for the closure and believe the unsanitary conditions led to their children becoming sick. CLICK HERE to read what the parents had to say about Tip Top Development Center.