Unusually high number of potbelly pigs sheltered at Animal Foundation; no adoption fee

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People who have been wanting to adopt a pet other than a cat or a dog are in luck because the Animal Foundation might have another option for pet lovers — a pig! Currently, the shelter has an unusually high number of 12 potbelly pigs in its care.

Two-year-old Bruce is one of those pigs. He’s your typical pet, so he enjoys belly rubs, he wags his tail when he’s happy, and he loves treats. 

“They’re very food-motivated as you can see,” said Animal Foundation Foster Specialist Monique Hanson as she laughed.

Plus, Bruce the pig has a stellar personality. 

“He’s just a love, Hanson said as she gushed.  “He’s just so awesome.  He gives kisses. He’s just a really, really sweet piggy.”

Currently, Hanson is trying to find Bruce and his 11 other pig comrades homes. 

“The majority are brought in as strays by Animal Control,” she explained. “People will end up buying mini pigs or micro pigs thinking that’s a thing, which it isn’t. They don’t stay mini; they don’t stay little.” 

Potbelly pig easily reach upwards of 100 pounds. 

“Bruce is only two, and he’s 55 pounds, so he’s going to grow a little bit bigger still,” Hanson said.

Hanson says the unexpected size leads many owners to abandon their pets. 

“It’s sad actually because they know. Pigs are so smart.  They know they’re being abandoned,” Hanson said. They had a bond with the person that had them. Now that person is gone, and they’re kind of lost and it’s sad.” 

But now, a dozen pigs in The Animal Foundation’s care get a second chance. 10 boys and two girls, all ready for a loving home.

“They need certain things to thrive and be happy,” Hanson explained. “They can live indoors but also really need an outdoor space.”

In addition to access to indoor and outdoor shelter, the pigs need to be fed pig feed and a vegetable-based diet. They might even be able to learn a trick or two.

“They’re very smart, but treats do wonders,” Hanson explained with a laugh.

The pigs love food, but they love companionship too, much like any other pet. 

“They’re very sweet and gentle,” stated Hanson. “They like companionship from humans, other pigs, dogs. They create bonds; strong bonds.”

The Animal Foundation is waiving all adoption fees for the pigs. If you’re interested in adopting or fostering a potbelly pig, contact the Animal Foundation to make an appointment at foster@animalfoundation.com or (702) 384-3333.

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