LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the number of omicron cases increases in Nevada, college students are preparing to return to class next week for a new semester.

UNLV says it will continue with in-person learning and says it’s safe as long as everyone follows the safety protocols. The university does acknowledge there could be some disruptions when it comes to sick calls.

With CCSD on pause through Tuesday, UNLV says it will be understanding if people need to stay home to care for children.

UNLV says there’s no doubt COVID-19 has caused a number of challenges, but it’s been able to carry on and had a successful fall semester.

The university is requiring everyone to wear a face mask while indoors. UNLV also says its vaccination rate far exceeds the vaccination rate of the entire Southern Nevada community.

“Try to just reassure people that if they take the proper precautions, expecially getting vaccinated and their boosters, and now wearing high-quality masks, we believe in-person learning continues to be safe,” said Dr. Chris Heavey, executive vice president and provost, UNLV.

Two weeks ago, the board of regents voted to keep the vaccine mandate in place for staff.

The Nevada System of Higher Education employees who were not vaccinated or did not have an approved exemption had until Dec. 31 or get terminated.

  Friday, the board will revisit the mandate for students during a special board meeting.