LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Details continue to leave one campus on edge in a weekend shooting at the UNLV student housing complex.

University Police and students are speaking out about the incident that happened shortly before midnight on Saturday.

“I used to go to a lot of campus parties, and that’s why it kind of freaked me out a little bit,” UNLV student Andre Colandone said.

The gunshots were fired at a house party at ‘The Degree’ housing complex on Maryland Parkway. The victim is expected to survive, but the suspect is still at-large.

University Police officials said the shooting suspect was described as an African American man wearing dark clothing, who was last seen on camera leaving the parking garage in a white car.

While ‘The Degree’ has its own security, University Police are working with housing management to ensure the safety of students, so another random shooting doesn’t happen again.

“We met with ‘The Degree’ management today and we are looking into some security enhancements and some video enhancements as well,” University Police Services Tod Miller said. “As well as some additional patrols by my officers in that area going forward.”

UNLV students shared their concerns saying the shooting incident puts them on high alert, yet remain pleased with how campus security has been handling things on a daily basis.

 “I know that the security is pretty good on campus,” Colandone added. “I have late night classes because I am in the graduate school, so I constantly see police driving around.”

8 News Now reached out to the housing property manager, who said he was not able to give out any information at this time due to the investigation.