LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —  A Immigration Clinic is expanding over the next two years in part of new funding here in the valley.

Clark County and the state are spilling the one million dollars they received and opening a new permanent UNLV Immigration Clinic in the next couple of years to directly help the community. The clinic provides free legal services to children and adults facing deportation.

“This is critical for keeping families together to make sure that people don’t have an empty chair at the dinner table. For kids, who’ve seen or experienced awful kids, to make sure they don’t have to go back to the people who attacked them,” Michael Kagan, Director, UNLV Immigration Clinic said.

Most of the cases at the center involve children. Unaccompanied minors who fled horrendous gang violence and social turmoil.

The Clinic has about 150 active cases. While the one million dollars in new funding from Clark County and the state is not going to meet every need they are in the process of hiring more staff and picking a location.

No matter what you think, about whether people should not be deported. I hope people can agree that the process at least has to be fair. This process can not be fair if people don’t have legal advice,” Kagan, said.

For more information or in need of a deportation lawyer you can reach out to the UNLV Immigration Clinic at their number 702-895-2080.