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Sunrise Hospital became a home away from home for hundreds that were injured during the 1 October shooting.

Many patients stayed weeks and even months before they were healed and lives returning to normalcy.

One of those patients was UNLV assistant hockey coach Nick Rabone. It was in his Sunrise Hospital bed that the lifelong hockey fan and Vegas native watched the Golden Knights take the ice for the very first time.

“I think I look at life a little bit differently for sure, Nick Rabone said. “It’s extremely short, its precious for me its enjoying everything that you do in life give it all you got and give it 100 percent.”

In his fourth season as the UNLV assistant hockey coach, Robone is back on the ice where he belongs.

“When things go bad this is something that we turn to whether it was a bad relationship or something going on in our personal life there’s no surprise to me that when things turn bad and it’s time for the recovery process that hockey is going to be a big part of that and for nick to get back on the ice i knew it was important for him even though it was earlier than it should’ve been i was like alight this is what you are going to do,” brother Anthony Rabone said.

Nick was one of the more than 500 injured one year ago at the route 91 Harvest Festival. A bullet struck him in the chest and his younger brother Anthony, a paramedic with the Henderson Fire Department, helped save his brother’s life that night.

“We’ve honestly always been close I just get to appreciate it a little bit more now,” Anthony Rabone said.

Born and raised in Las Vegas and lifelong hockey fans, the Robone brothers couldn’t’t wait for the Golden Knights first regular season game and not even a gunshot wound to the chest was going to stop them from watching it.

“It was pretty emotional for me obviously at the time I was watching from my hospital bed all those guys were kind of able to put together for the special night in remembrance of those 58 lives lost, it was very important, and I think they took a lot of pride in that,” Anthony Rabone said. “It was a tough night for everyone, but I think it was a night that made everyone a little bit closer.”

“I want people to realize that there are a ton of good people in this world that I think sometimes we focus too much on the negatives and not enough on what it positive and what was positive of that night was all those people that put their life on the line,” Nick added. 

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