LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas resident Ryan Romero left Apple’s flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue on Friday with the first iPhone 11 of the day. The moment capped a 15-hour wait in line.

Romero, an admissions counselor at UNLV, has waited in Las Vegas lines for previous iPhone releases — four times. So this time, during a trip that took him to the East Coast to run a pair of marathons, he decided to go to the iconic Apple store across from Central Park, according to his Facebook post.

Another iPhone devotee, Apple CEO Tim Cook, happened to have the same plan. Romero took the opportunity to take a selfie with Cook, which he posted on Facebook.

Lines in Las Vegas were a bit more subdued. No 15-hour waits.

This line formed at the Fashion Show mall on the Las Vegas Strip:

(Courtesy, Deborah Clayton)

But Apple tried to get ahead of the lines with reservations for customers.