LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Universal Parks and Resorts said it will be building and opening a year-round horror experience on the west side of Interstate 15 next to AREA15.

It’s all part of Area 15’s latest announcement on an expansion.

“With a variety of unique, immersive, fantastic horror-centric experiences that surround high energy food and beverage spaces by day turned haunting bars and eateries by night,” is how Universal described the concept for Las Vegas. “It will deliver on the thrills and frights its horror fans have come to love and excite anyone looking for a new level of experiential entertainment.”

Universal said it will draw its concepts from its horror film history including “Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy and the Wolf Man – and redefined modern horror and suspense stories through collaborations with such high-profile filmmakers as Jason Blum, James Wan and Jordan Peele.”

“Universal is known for our ability to deliver original, highly-themed and terrifying horror entertainment experiences for millions of fans every year,” said Page Thompson, President, New Ventures, Universal Parks & Resorts. “We are excited to give our global fanbase yet another way to get scared and have fun with fear in the heart of Las Vegas, the perfect place for this type of unique concept.” 

Universal said this new experience will be the anchor tenant in a new 20-acre expansion of Las Vegas’ immersive AREA15 entertainment district and once complete will be 110,000 square feet.

Area 15 expansion rendering (Courtesy: Area15)

The surrounding area will have 450,000 square feet of shops, office space, and residential areas.

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz believes the expansion means good news for those who work and live in the area.

“This is clearly economical development, bringing someone the size of universal studios is no small feet we know that year after year their horror events sell out in Orlando and L.A. and we are looking forward to Las Vegas getting that much attention,” Diaz told 8 News Now.

Since Area 15 first opened in 2020, it brought in over 1,000 full-time jobs. Area 15 CEO Winston Fisher believes the job opportunities will now double that figure.