Unemployment work search requirement returns this weekend

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Unemployment claimants will have to prove they are looking for more work when they go to file this weekend. Previously, the work search requirement for benefits was waived through the pandemic.

The requirement applies to both Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Unemployment Insurance (UI) claimants.

“I would like to go back to my original job at the airport,” said claimant Melissa Taylor.

She can’t go back to her job, and now must find a new one. She’s been keeping records of the positions she’s applied for.

“When you go on there, you put the date you put in, you put the business where you put in, and you put the address, and you put how you did it, a phone call or in person,” Taylor explained.

When she files her weekly claims, she holds on to the information.

“Really, DETR is asking you to make an effort to reenter the workforce,” said Amber Hansen, administrator of a popular PUA assistance Facebook page.

Starting May 2, all claimants will be required to provide work search information.

“The UI side on a weekly basis, when they go on Sunday to file their weekly claim, when they get to a certain screen in their claim, it is just going to be a little table that says, ‘Who did you contact, how many applications did you put in, what is the person’s contact information,'” Hansen shared.

For PUA claimants who are independent contractors or gig workers, this is all new.

“They are not the same as UI claimants, who have had this standard form of putting, ‘I applied at x, y and z, and this is their contact information,'” said Hansen. “For the PUA side, it is more of a good faith effort of saying, ‘You know, I am ready to rejoin the workforce,’ whether it is by advertising their services or networking on social media.”

She notes PUA wasn’t designed to last forever:

“This program is going to end in September, and so we are trying to get everyone prepared.”

It is important to keep records of your attempts, as DETR could request them.

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