Unemployment claimant shares message for others after she says her backpay was stolen

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman who waited months for unemployment benefits has a message for others tonight. She says when her backpay came in, it was stolen.

“They said the money was on one of the cards, and it had already been used,” shared Helen Shannon.

She says she has nowhere to turn.

“I want to say it was the end of September I tried to use my card. I should have got my deposit that day, and it was working,” she recounted, “and then, when I went online, it said negative $10,000 something.”

Those thousands of dollars are from the backpay she says she has been owed since the spring. Now, her unemployment payments are simply paying off the negative balance.

“You can see it go on there, it goes from $10,000 to now, it is $8,000 something.”

Shannon tells us she contacted both Bank of America and the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR). She says the bank told her they are looking into it, but meanwhile, she is out hundreds each week.

“When I talk to Nevada unemployment, they say it is not their problem,” Shannon said.

Fraud has been a problem facing DETR. Monday morning, we noticed a handful of people having issues getting into their accounts.

A new feature saying “Recaptcha” on the top of the login page is something new that many did not notice, leading to login troubles. If you have an issue, make sure to look at that.

Shannon says she was grateful to be approved, but is struggling. She has a message for others to make sure they know where their cards are:

“Now, I do have the LifeLock, just so it alerts me anytime because they had to have had my social.”

8 News Now reached out to a Bank of America representative this afternoon regarding Shannon’s case to see if we could get her any information. They told us they will be looking into her account to see what they can do.

If you do fall victim to something like this, the bank says to report it as soon as possible.

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