Understanding Question 3 and how it affects the Nevada Board of Pardons

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are five statewide ballot questions on the Nov. 3 election ballot. The questions would make changes to Nevada’s constitution

Question 3 deals with the Nevada State Pardons Board and the power it has. So what does the pardons board do?

It does not erase a conviction, but it will restore certain rights to a pardoned felon, such as serving on a jury and gun ownership. Right now, the pardons board is made up of the governor, the attorney general, and the supreme court justices.

With Question 3, these things will happen:

  • It will be added to the state constitution.
  • It will require the board to meet quarterly.
  • It will allow anyone on the board to bring up items for discussion. Right now, the governor is the only one who can do it.
  • It removes a requirement for the governor to vote yes for a pardon to be granted. That had effectively served as a veto.

The argument for Question 3 is, the board will meet more frequently and timely, and a pardon would not just be on the whims of the governor.

The argument against is that the board would meet even if there aren’t qualified applicants, and question why we would take away the veto power of the governor when they have it over bills from the legislature.

If passed, Question 3 would go into the constitution on Nov. 24

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