Uncommon Vegas: A look at the city’s architectural treasures

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The Nevada Preservation Foundation wants to educate and encourage developers to reuse and restore city buildings. So, they hired Kirsten Clarke to capture 100 overlooked structures in the city. 

“These are buildings that instead of tearing them down, we should actually celebrate them and reuse them as much as possible,” said Clarke. 

‘Uncommon Vegas’ is a new photo exhibit inside of the West Side School. It’s a year-long effort to capture historic buildings that date back to the 1940s. A group of volunteers helped to compile a list of the city’s lesser-known architectural treasures so that Clarke could give them a new and fresh perspective.

“I’ve only been in Vegas for about 7 1/2 years. So, to be able to explore from Boulder City to Las Vegas and to see these buildings that have either been forgotten or ignored or just not realized that they’re still here, it was amazing,” Clarke said. 

Clarke says many of the buildings that she’s photographed like the red car wash on Charleston and Eastern were in a state of repose, waiting to be rediscovered and given a little love.

“With architecture, it’s always about inspiration so even seeing something like the details on the side here may have inspired some of the buildings on the Strip.”

She hopes that through her work, someone may take a second look at these underrated buildings and appreciate the history that remains. 

Clarke’s new book, “Las Vegas: Uncommon Modern,” will benefit the Nevada Preservation Foundation and further projects around Nevada.

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