UMC holds Honor Walk for teen whose organs were donated after crash

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A sendoff befitting a hero: That’s what 18-year-old Michael Sigler received Wednesday as hundreds of nurses, physicians, and other hospital staff lined the halls of University Medical Center to honor the teen for his generous gift. 

“To see so many people lined up standing there in honor and reverence of Michael is beyond words,” said Charles Christan Sigler, Michael’s father

The family of Michael Sigler, who was left brain dead after a motorcycle crash Friday, decided to take him off of life support and donate his organs.

On Wednesday, Michael made his final journey through the halls of UMC to the operating room, where surgeons fulfilled his final wish, which was to save the lives of others through organ donation.  It was UMC’s first Honor Walk.

Michael’s family said donating his organs is a decision the teen made earlir this year. 

“My baby boy made a conscious decision to do that,” Charles said. “He was an angel.”

After the emotional tribute, the family released blue balloons, which was a symbol of Michael being set free.”

Michael donated his heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and tissue. 

The donor organization was able to find recipients,” Charles said.

While Charles hopes his son’s precious gifts will save many lives, he also has a message for the teen driving the car that was in the wreck with Michael while he was on his motorcycle.

“The young man that was the driver of the car that was involved in the accident, I’ve yet to speak with him or even learn his name,” Charles said.  “I wanted to express how absolutely sorry I am for him.”

It turns out the teen has been receiving death threats, but Charles wants whoever is doing that to stop.

“So if they’re being motivated to do this out of some sense of justice — it’s unwanted, unneeded and to please stop.”

Michael was suppose to graduate Saturday from Cimarron-Memorial High School. Michael’s parents plan to attend, and his brother Christian will accept his diploma.

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