A new campaign with Uber will launch in the valley next Monday to target sexual assault prevention.

The messages for the initiative will display throughout the valley, but the main focus is on the Strip and Fremont Street. 

One of the messages on the poster aimed at preventing sexual assault encourages people to “stand up, don’t standby.”

“Obviously, when people are intoxicated and had a little too much, it makes them more vulnerable, so certainly I have seen it outside on the streets,” said Paul Scaringe, the director of operations for Corner Row Management.

But “No More,” an organization focused on ending domestic violence and sexual assault aims to change that with a new program, focusing on bystander awareness. 

“If we can actually get to the root of the problem and stop sexual assault before it starts we can actually end domestic violence and sexual assault,” said Rachel Haas, the managing director of “No More.”

The group, along with Uber are launching this push with community partners, including Metro Police and the Rape Crisis Center.

They met with bar representatives Thursday along the Fremont East Entertainment District to discuss the message.

“There’s no specific hot spot pinpoint but your touristy areas, your bar districts definitely tend to be an increase because of the alcohol and bringing in a large number of people together.”

The push features various ads, all with an image showcasing situations people ‘need to stand up and not stand by’ for.

It’s a message not only for tourists but it’s also for people who live here.

“It’s going to be good to have everybody have it on the front of their mind and be watching out for it around here,” said Jenn Tramagelino, 7th and Carson Restaurant and Carson Avenue.

The campaign starts Monday not only with billboard ads but a social media push.

Bar representatives were encouraged to take posters to hang in their establishments to help spread the message.