LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Irish rock band U2 released a music video for their new song “Atomic City,” which was filmed in downtown Las Vegas, less than 24 hours before the band is set to open the highly anticipated Sphere.

The video cuts between shots of the band performing on a flatbed trailer pulled by a semi-truck through downtown Las Vegas as they gave a surprise performance of their newest single, and the band performing inside what appears to be the Sphere.

The band shot the music video a few weeks ahead of its U2 UV: Achtung Baby residency at Sphere, which opens Friday. Tickets for the first five nights are sold out and there are performances scheduled through Dec. 16, 2023, and ticket prices range from $400 to $1,450.

During the surprise performance, Bono told the crowd, “This is the world premiere of Atomic City, a rock and roll 45 in the tradition of the late 70s’ post-punk, Blondie, the Clash.”