U.S. Census Bureau looks to hire for 2020 Census

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The 2020 census is fast approaching, and hundreds of thousands of census takers are needed around the country. So over the next few weeks, there will be several events being held during National Recruitment Week.

The need for the recruitment events is high to ensure that everyone’s voices in Nevada and across the nation, are heard.

The census is taken every ten years, and around half a million people are needed to work as census takers next spring. There was a recruiting event held in Henderson on Tuesday.

“There are more than $675 billion that will be distributed by the federal government around the country. We want to ensure that Nevada gets its fair share,” said Veronica Meter, Media Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau. “It’s so important that everyone gets counted.”

There’s a special focus on so-called hard-to-count populations, which in Clark County includes the Hispanic community. There’s a reluctance to give personal information, especially with recent controversies surrounding immigration policy and deportations.

“People are somewhat afraid and rightfully so, and it’s unfortunate because it makes it so difficult,” said Fernando Romero, the president of Hispanics in Politics.

Community leaders are trying to reassure those who are skeptical. The same goes for another hard-to-count group, which is the Asian population.

“What our community needs to know is how important the census is,” said Vida Lin, the president and founder of the Asian Community Development Council.

Asian Americans are the fastest-growing group in southern Nevada. Census estimates show there are close to 230,000 people of Asian descent in the state.

“When we show we have large numbers, it tells you that we need to build more health clinics for our community,” Lin said. “It tells you that we need more services, and that’s why the census is so important.”

The temporary census takers will be there to make the final tally.

“The census is safe, [it] is important, and it is secure,” Meter said.

Census takers in Clark County will earn between $16 and $18 an hour. There is another recruitment event on Wednesday in Boulder City from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more on the recruitment event, go here.

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