Two women win Smile Again program, will receive $50,000 dental makeover

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Canyon Oral and Facial Surgery dental office awards two women a free $50k dollar smile makeover.

The generous gift is part of the health care team’s first-ever Smile Again program.

Tears of joy and hugs filled the room.

“This is amazing. I had no clue. I didn’t think I was going to win.” said Tiffany Wright, patient.

Canyon Orland and Facial Surgery gives the gift of a new smile to Elke Kim and Tiffany Wright. The winners of the inaugural “Smile Again” program.

“They’re going to get a full arch restoration, a full set of teeth that are actually placed the same day,” said Dr. Jesse Falk, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon at Canyon Oral and Facial Surgery.

“It’s going to change everything,” said Tiffany Wright, Smile Again recipient.

Tiffany Wright currently wears a flipper to hide gaps in her smile. The mother of four only has 11 teeth after surviving years of abuse by her ex-husband.

“The more I was hit, the more I was slammed down, the more teeth would just be breaking and coming off,” added Wright.

She sees this as a chance to heal the reminders of her past, while not worrying about how people look at her mouth in the future.

“They just automatically judge you because of your smile,” added Wright.

A sentiment Kim relates to as well.

“Always trying to make sure my lower lip is over because it’s just embarrassing,” said Elke Kim, Smile Again recipient.

Her teeth are either missing, decayed or broken from years of sacrificing her own well-being for her children.

“I’m just ready to get back in the work field and be myself,” added Kim.

Roughly 300 people applied for this opportunity. The health care team carefully selected these women after reading their stories.

“It’s awesome to see people that have struggles and trials and to see them overcome it,” added Dr. Faulk.

Overcoming life’s obstacles for a second chance at health and happiness.

The doctors expect the procedure for both women to happen in March.

The two women say they plan to take professional photos with their families soon after to celebrate.

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