Two unique properties offer valley residents a look at farm life

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There’s a good chance you’ve heard of these two one-of-a-kind landmarks in the Las Vegas valley.

Gilcrease Orchard and The Las Vegas Farm and Barn Buddies Rescue. Both have brought joy to the community for many years. They have also had to make changes to deal with growth and popularity.

Although they are close in proximity, both The Farm and Gilcrease Orchard say their missions are completely different.

“We are just neighbors,” said Marck Ruben, director, Gilcreast Orchard.

Neighbors who, with their unique perspective of agriculture and farm life, have served Las Vegas for many years.

“Every dollar that is brought through any of the sales of our pumpkins, and our honey and our eggs and our jams and jellys, 100 percent of that income goes to the care and feeding and veterinary and any other cost that we have with our animals,” said Sharon Linsendbart, owner, The Las Vegas Farm and Barn Buddies Rescue.

“We’re a non-profit foundation and our goal is to be educational to the community to see where the food comes from and so that includes having kids come out pick pumpkins, apples, carrots, and other things like that,” Ruben said.

Many in the community describe them special in their own ways. 

“We are out there all the time. We do movies at the farm,” said Clark County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick. “In October, we go out to Gilcrease when there is peaches.”

But as Sharon Linsenbardt with the Las Vegas Farm says,  both places have a different ambiance and a different mission.

“I would like to clarify that we are not in any way, shape, or form a part of, associated with, or in any manner, part of the orchard,” Linsenbardt said.

“We have to be flexible with both of them to allow them to do new innovative things,” Kirkpatrick said.

Those changes have allowed both farms to incorporate new services to keep up with demand.

“The Farm is allowed to have weddings and they have barn rescue, Gilcrease can bring in some of their things that they do while they have a great educational component on bees so we support both of them,” Kirkpatrick said.

And both farms know that support from the community is very important. While Gilcrease keeps growing food for the community, The Farm wants that community to embrace them for saving abused and abandoned animals. 

On another note regarding Gilcrease Orchard, the county renewed all their permits Wednesday to keep the business going.

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