LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — When a cat gets stuck up a tree, who gets the call? The old belief is that firefighters will rush to the rescue. What about a cat stuck in a car or behind a bathroom sink? It turns out firefighters also respond to this – with approval – along with police ready to help.

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Last weekend Christal Patterson was driving on Grand Canyon in the northwest valley when she saw a tiny kitten trying to cross the road. When she stopped to help the kitten an almost three-day ordeal began.

Patterson said the kitten would ball itself up every time a car drove by but was never hit. When she got out to help a police officer also stopped to help. When they attempted to catch it, the kitten ran under her car and disappeared into the wheel well.

Car #1

When she — or the officer — or even a motorcycle officer (who also stopped to help) could not find the kitten they slowly escorted Patterson home where she parked her car in the garage.

After jacking up the car, removing the wheel, and searching visible areas and finding nothing they determined it would be best to just leave out some food and see if the cat would come out on its own.

Overnight the cat emerged, ate the food, and hid once again.

Small kitten hiding in a car engine bay. (KLAS)

Now, with the help of her housemate Traci Wilson, Patterson slowly drove her car to a nearby shop where the mechanics tore apart the underside of her car. No cat was found.

Car mechanic searching for a small kitten possibly hiding in a car engine bay. (KLAS)

When the pair returned home Wilson saw some cat droppings under her car, that’s when the search began again.

Eventually, animal control was called, and when they also could not find the cat they left a trap.

Car #2

Wilson and Patterson called a friend with a hydraulic car lift and this time tore Wilson’s car apart. No cat was found.

Searching for a small kitten hiding in a car engine bay. (KLAS)

After leaving the garage closed, with food, the trap, and a security camera, the cat finally emerged and was caught.

Security camera image of the small kitten that was hiding in a car engine bay. (KLAS)

The Bathroom

All was well until Monday morning when the tiny feline found a small hole near the floor, wall, and sink cabinet in the bathroom where it had been left. The cat once again disappeared, squeezing into a tiny space between the wall and cabinet.

After hours of trying to bribe the cat out themselves, the pair called 911 and got through to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue. After getting approval from the battalion chief, a crew of four firefighters jumped in their rig and headed to the house.

After removing a small piece of cabinetry and using some gentle persuasion the firefighters were successfully able to rescue the kitten.

This tiny kitten hid for almost three days in two cars and crawl space in a bathroom before firefighters came to the rescue. (KLAS)

Patterson and Wilson have since taken the kitten to a local vet to be evaluated. The little 1.6-pound kitten did have a serious burn on one of its legs, a wound that’s now being treated.

The women plan on keeping the kitten but are still trying to decide on a name. The three topping their list at this time are:

  • LOUISE: Meaning renowned warrior
  • RILEE: Meaning courageous, valiant
  • RYDER: Because she rode in two cars