LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the education system, creating a learning gap and leaving teachers and parents to find other options to help students.

With the SAT exam going to a digital format, students will face new challenges, especially those finding online learning difficult.

At Cultivate Academics, founder Rebecca Davis is helping high school seniors get up to speed as they prepare for college admissions.

“What we’re really seeing is a lot of gaps in math and science content that just seem to be a bit more difficult online,” Davis said. “And so particularly for our high school students who are taking the SAT and ACT, as they’re getting ready for college there’s concepts on those high stake exams that either weren’t taught or are too difficult to understand.”

According to Davis, high school seniors have been scoring a lot lower on tests due to the switch to remote learning in the last year.

“Because that was such a huge shift, I think teachers rightly so were attempting to make sure the most foundational concepts were covered and making sure students felt engaged, and so a lot of the higher level learning just naturally dropped off,” Davis continued.

Davis told 8 News Now she was worried about student performance, especially because the SAT exam will be completely digital by 2024.

“That’s a little concerning to us because what we’ve seen in the past two years are a lot of students, the great majority telling us that they could not learn as effectively online,” she said.

Mother of three Lara Stone said online learning impacts students differently, so tutoring helped her kids learn at their own pace.

“The programs that were were involved with were really personalized so that they could hopefully find a place, not just academically feel great but also socially feel great,” Stone said.

Student Sneha Stridhar agreed, saying that tutoring maximized her test-taking strategies for the SAT.

“It was definitely vital in helping me gain more confidence in how I attacked and approached standard testing,” the student said.

For tutoring recourses, CCSD advises parents to visit your child’s school counselor of visit the school’s website.