LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man described as the chief architect of a telemarketing scam that took $43 million from Americans has had his prison sentence commuted — one of the final actions of President Donald Trump.

Kyle Kimoto was one of 70 people whose sentences were commuted early Wednesday. Trump also pardoned 73 others, announcing early Wednesday a list of those granted clemency with less than 12 hours left in his four-year term.

Kimoto, charged for his involvement in a non-violent telemarketing fraud scheme had served 12 years of his 29-year sentence.

“Mr. Kimoto has been an exemplary prisoner, has held numerous jobs, shown remorse, and mentored other inmates in faith. Upon his release, he has a job offer and will help care for his six children and three grandchildren,” according to additional information provided in the list.

Kimoto’s family had actively sought clemency on a Facebook page, and offered a thank-you message to supporters when the announcement was made.

Kimoto’s wife, Juliette, was crowned Mrs. Nevada in 2006 — and Kyle Kimoto was awarded “Husband of the Year.” Juliette Kimoto was sued by the Federal Trade Commission in 2009 after her husband was prosecuted.

The case against Kyle Kimoto involved deceptive credit card offers. “Free” credit cards were actually debit cards that came with hidden fees. He was ordered to pay back $30 million to federal authorities and the the people he defrauded.

The schemes came under a company called Vertek, which was owned on paper by Juliette Kimoto. When Kyle Kimoto was convicted, authorities said he continued to try to participate in the running of Vertek. Authorities listed schemes including unsecured credit cards, a “grant-connect” scheme, a work-from-home scheme and an “Acai Total Burn” scheme.