LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Pedestrian and cyclist crashes continue to be a serious issue across Southern Nevada, as a result, those working in local trauma centers held an event Friday to promote safety on the streets.

Trauma nurses hold event to promote safety, cut down on pedestrian crashes (KLAS)

“We don’t want to see people get hurt,” Todd Hightower, a cyclist and registered nurse at Sunrise Hospital said.

Hightower is one of many doing what he can to raise awareness and keep others safe.

“I am a cyclist,” he said. “But I’m also a father, a husband, a grandfather.”

He told 8 News Now he has been hurt while riding his bicycle in the past, but he also deals with the trauma of cyclist and pedestrian crashes while working in the trauma center.

“I’m a trauma survivor also,” Hightower said. “And so, it hits home here every time.”

He is one of many who participated in Friday’s special ‘Light Up’ event, held at Western Trails Park.

“It really is a major issue on our Las Vegas streets,” Jeanne Marsala said. She works as a registered nurse and trauma prevention coordinator at Sunrise Hospital.

Marsala helped organize Friday’s walk to encourage awareness after what she calls a serious spike in people hit by cars coming to their trauma center.

Marsala cited around five people seen in just the past week.

“We have seen a slew of pedestrians hit by cars in the last few months,” she explained to 8 News Now. “Because they are wearing dark clothing while they are out walking, and the driver is unable to see them.”

She told 8 News Now she hopes this show of solidarity will encourage those on foot to wear bright clothing at night and always use a crosswalk.

Marsala also asked drivers to pay attention and be aware of those around them at all times.

“We just want to help promote safety here in the community,” Hightower said.

He told 8 News Now it’s a cause he will also work hard to hammer home to anyone affected.

“We are not just an obstruction in the road,” Hightower concluded.

The event was $5.00 per person to participate. All the money raised went to Clark County Safe Kids, an organization that works to keep kids safe across Las Vegas.