LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The winter weather in the Mount Charleston and Lee Canyon areas means plenty of visitors, congested roads and a lot of trash left behind by visitors.

Plastic bags, food containers, and even broken sleds are many of the things left behind on Lee Canyon. Despite popular belief, the trash doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Oh yeah we were just talking about it on our way back from our car, it’s really sad seeing it,” visitor Daphne Ilae said.

She and her family are visiting from Hawaii and always practice leaving “zero trace.”

“We have a saying from Hawaii, means to “take care,” so if you take care of the land, the land will take care of you,” Ilae explained. “And it’s a beautiful place too, so I think it’s even more so to take care of the land.”

Jimmy Alderson has lived in the Mt. Charleston area for 7 years. He reached out to 8 News Now by phone because he didn’t want to risk leaving his house due to the clogged roads and big crowds during winter break.

He wanted to remind visitors to clean up after themselves as there are private residents living on the mountain, too.

“A lot of times we will find dirty diapers, things of that nature, on Bristlecone trail as you walk through there where someone just decided to toss it instead of putting it in a baggie or putting it in the trashcan,” Alderson explained.

Every season, the Southern Nevada Conservancy group arranges a clean-up.

Communications Director Leonie Mowat said they typically pick up more than 1,000 pounds of trash every year.

“Unfortunately, lots and lots of pieces of sleds get left behind and once the snow melts, we find little pieces left, but in the winter it’s good for us to get some of those bigger pieces too,” Mowat said. “Not to just clean up the meadow for an aesthetic or environmental standpoint, but for a safety standpoint.”

Friends Kimberly Devrell and Kelly Stanbery brought their kids sledding along with a box of snacks and hot chocolate.

“We’ve been coming up here every year, this is the first year that it’s so busy and that we’re seeing a lot more trash than ever,” Stanbery said.

They advise you to bring your own trash bag and take it with you, adding it is what they plan to do when they leave the mountain.

“There’s so many wild burros that are out here. It’s clearly a nice environment. It’s nature,” Stanbery added. “It’s important to pick up your trash and I’ve even thought about picking some up before we leave.”

The Southern Nevada Conservancy group is hosting a cleaning on Saturday, Dec. 31st, 2022.

It will last from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Lee Meadows off State Route 156 on the way to Lee Canyon.

The group is advising volunteers to dress warmly and carpool if they can, as there is limited parking.

For more information on volunteer work, visit this link.